Monday, November 18, 2019

An evaluation of the recruitment strategies at HiTec Essay

An evaluation of the recruitment strategies at HiTec - Essay Example If HiTec focuses on recruiting graduates to fill these vacancies, they will require training to keep up with the fast-paced evolutions in technology that support business operations as graduate maintain limited experience in modern IT. As illustrated by Gustafson (2002), this can be very costly from a financial perspective without guarantees of return on investment in a business environment where many graduates recruited struggle to keep up with the pace of technology development. Therefore, it is more conducive to keeping recruitment efforts low-cost, which makes recruitment of high-skilled employees already working in competing companies more viable for HiTec as this strategy reduces the need for ongoing and costly training to ensure recruited graduates are capable of keeping up with the pace of technology development. Primary issues facing HiTecHiTec currently has an insufficient recruitment methodology, consisting of headhunters and newspaper advertisements. Whilst this strategy brings the organisation thousands of applicants, these advertisements are not grabbing the attention of high-skilled employees with strong skills in advancements in modern IT technologies. Hence, for all of the time invested sorting through these applications, the company still maintains vacancies as not all applicants maintain the proper skill-sets needed to give the organisation competitive advantage. With headhunters representing such high costs without guarantee of return on this investment, the business maintains opportunities.

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